You CAN be a great boss - and make money too!

Taking the time to develop your team doesn't mean you can't make decent profits.  In fact the opposite is true.


Boost the Performance of YOUR Team

They deserve a manager who sees their potential, helps them to reach it and thrive in an environment that takes their career seriously.

Help your team take the strain in your business

While you're unhappy bearing the burden of keeping your salon afloat, your team members are unhappy that they're not growing and progressing in their careers.

No time out of the salon to learn

You can learn my entire appraisal system in under 70 minutes from wherever you can access the internet.


I know you, like me, want to be a great manager.
I know you, like me, want your team to progress.
I know you, like me, want to smash your business goals.

I know how you got here.  I've been there myself. 

When a salon is new and growing fast it's hard to keep up. You work hard, carry out lots of services yourself and you're constantly busy. 

I KNOW you've invested in the past and been let down by team members not performing, or worse still leaving.  I'm afraid that was your fault - sometimes we are unlucky but I'll bet you invested without a clear plan of what you wanted to achieve.

You don't have time to properly develop your team, so they can't step up to release any of your time.   And so it goes on.

But you can:

          ☞ enhance the performance of your team, 

          ☞ know clearly what your business needs and 

          ☞ train and develop your team in line with your targets. 

Not only will you enjoy a more committed, happier team but you can boost your profitability too.

No more waiting.  Get started today.

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