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Any salon can enjoy increased client numbers and a boost to long term profits with a terrific referral system.

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No printing necessary

The entire system is run by email, so we can reach every single customer on your list, whether they are visiting the salon that month or not.   And you don't even need to co-operation of your team.

Done-for-you templates

Every line of every email is written for you in a collection of downloads.  Add in your name and logo and press send!  A whole month of marketing taken care of and no hassle for you.

Tried and tested

Exactly what I use in my own award-winning salon, yours to deploy year after year.  Presented simply in two easy-to-follow videos with a thorough, complete schedule.

are you ready to take control of the growth and profits of your salon? To give your business the shot in the arm it needs?

Introducing 'Recommend-a-Friend 101' - the simple, effective referral system you can master in minutes and use for years. Just 30 minutes of easy-to-follow video explains the entire system

Your failures in the past are no reason not to get started . . .

There are very few easy wins in business, very few "no-brainers" but I challenge you to find one successful, serious business owner who doesn't think referrals make great business sense and can be low-hanging fruit in any business looking to grow.


I've helped countless salons with their 'Recommend-a-Friend's and I'm sharing the system I use in my own salon with you! It's so SIMPLE!

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